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What is a D.O.?

D.O. stands for doctor of osteopathy. D.O.s are recognized and licensed physicians and surgeons who went to medical school and learned the same basic and clinical sciences as allopathic (M.D.) schools, but additionally spent another 300-500 hours learning more about the musculoskeletal system (osteopathic manipulative techniques). Historically, the osteopathic profession was founded in the 1800s in response to the dis-satisfaction of medicine of the day. Osteopathy historically teaches that the body has innate ability to heal itself and that many ailments are related and can be improved by treatment of the musculoskeletal system. D.O.s believe that the body, in normal, structural relationship and with adequate nutrition, is capable of mounting its own defenses against many pathologic conditions. They follow accepted methods of physical and surgical diagnoses and treatments, and stress the unity of all body systems. These physicians emphasize the musculoskeletal system, holistic medicine, proper nutrition and the effects of environmental factors. Today, D.O.s offer mainstream medical care, but care with a difference.

For more information, go to www.osteopathic.org and in the left column click on About Osteopathic Medicine. Under Overview, click on “What is a D.O.?”

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