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What are Bio-Identical Hormones?

The term “bio-identical hormone” indicates that it is identical in chemical structure to human hormones, even though derived from plant material. This identical structure permits breakdown through standard pathways in the human body, yielding metabolites (the breakdown products from the drug or hormone taken) in the same manner as endogenous hormones (hormones that your body would naturally produce).

Synthetic hormones represent unique structures that are patentable. However, their uniqueness results in the addition of chemical side chains. Thus, while they partially mimic human hormones, the chemical difference (when compared to human hormones) has been found to cause unwanted side effects and risks.

All women would prefer their own hormones if they could produce them. That being said, they prefer a replacement most like the hormone they previously manufactured. A survey of over 1000 women found that 83% confirmed this fact.

Women now live 30 years, on average, beyond menopause. Osteoporosis and heart disease affect 50% and 30% respectively. Increased estrogen and declining progesterone levels exacerbate these conditions. This makes the issue of hormone safely imperative. Dr. Peter Ellis, a Harvard researcher reported in the New England Medical Journal that “only 20% of women are estrogen deficient, but by the age of 35, 85% of women are estrogen dominant.” There are 4 basic causes of estrogen dominance:
1) stress
2) environmental estrogens
3) prescription estrogens
4) diet

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