Women's Health Clinic in Mansfield

Be Confident In Your Own Skin

Welcome to our PWH family

Let us be a part of your growing family and offer care through all generations of life.  We offer you an arrangement of treatments aimed at assisting with your family planning and aesthetic journey. We are proud to offer not only family planning, but regenerative, cosmetic and sexual wellness services. Highly skilled providers are trained to offer a wide range of gynecologic and obstetrics services, procedures and aesthetics to best meet your needs. We provide care to all stages of life from puberty and beyond menopause.

Welcome to your new comfort zone

Let’s help you increase and improve your self worth by finally putting yourself first. Our focus is to ensure your health, wellness and beauty is top priority. We want you to look the way you feel and be more confident in your own skin.

Building our family tree

Carolyn and Magen met in 2004 at Charlton Methodist Medical Center and the rest is history. Brenda MA and Detra MA helped Dr. Kollar open Premier Women’s Health in Dallas and then moved to Mansfield 2009. We are happy to say the PWH family has grown over the years.

Our Objectives

Give optimal care in a welcoming and accepting environment to make you feel at home

Help you obtain the best healthcare treatment options for your specific needs and goals

Provide compassionate care with a team of providers and staff that you trust

Help guide your medical decision making into a course of treatment specific to your needs

Our Family

We take pride in our family and our family dynamic. Every member of Premier Women’s Health is here to help serve and guide you through your health, wellness and aesthetic journey.

Meet the Team

Welcome Home

Please come join our family at Premier Women’s Health. We look forward to meeting you, your family and learning about your needs.

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