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The transition to motherhood is such a tender, life-changing moment that you don’t want just anyone sharing it alongside you. Carolyn Kollar, DO, FACOOG, enhances your experience with her knowledgeable reassurance and nurturing care. At Premier Women’s Health in Mansfield, Texas, she’s able to tend to mom and baby in a more personal, attentive way. Call to schedule a meeting with Dr. Kollar today.

Obstetrical Services Q & A

How do I choose an obstetrician?

Choosing an obstetrician is a very important, personal decision as this is someone who shares in some of the most important moments of your life. You want an obstetrician like Dr. Kollar, who cares deeply for her patients and values your birth choices.

When choosing an obstetrician, you may want to consider the following criteria:

  • Values: Consider whether or not your doctor supports your choices for pregnancy and birth.
  • Level of care: Your OB should be able to handle normal and high-risk pregnancies.
  • Location: You may want access to an OB who’s close to home.
  • Personality: Consider how your doctor makes you feel and how you get along.
  • Insurance: Check to see if your insurance covers your doctor.

Only you can determine what criteria are most important to you. You can always schedule a preconception visit or a consultation with Dr. Kollar to see if she’s the right fit for you.

Should I see a doctor before getting pregnant?

One of the best ways to take proactive efforts toward a healthy pregnancy is to schedule a preconception appointment with your obstetrician. Dr. Kollar and her nurse practitioner, Magen, spend time with you during your visit to learn more about you, assess your risks, and help you prepare your body for pregnancy.

During your preconception appointment, Dr. Kollar offers the following:  

  • Vaccination updates
  • Cystic fibrosis screening
  • Fertility assessment
  • STD testing
  • Lifestyle counseling

Dr. Kollar can steer you toward healthy preconception behaviors, such as taking folic acid, losing excess weight, and quitting smoking. Your appointment also allows you to meet and get a feel for Dr. Kollar and her style of care.

What obstetrical services are offered?

Once you find out you’re pregnant, Dr. Kollar and Magen see you on a regular schedule for prenatal visits. They offer comprehensive obstetrical services, such as:

  • Prenatal screenings
  • Genetic testing and counseling
  • High-risk prenatal care
  • Gestational diabetes testing
  • Pre-eclampsia screenings
  • Postpartum care

Dr. Kollar also makes every effort to be present during labor and delivery at the hospital. She has extensive experience in performing vaginal deliveries and C-sections on a routine basis.

It’s important to see your OB/GYN on a regular basis before, during, and after pregnancy to ensure optimal health for both you and your baby. Dr. Kollar can help you prevent and catch problems early when they’re easier to resolve.

If you’re looking for a qualified obstetrician, reach out to Dr. Kollar at Premier Women’s Health.