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EmFemme 360  – Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Our Emfemme 360 treatment here in Mansfield, TX  is designed to provide vaginal rejuvenation without surgery and with no downtime. Women use Emfemme to improve blood flow, tighten the vaginal canal and to shrink excess labial tissue. This treatment can also help with urinary incontinence, muscle pain and vaginal dryness. This radio frequency treatment is one of the fastest vaginal tightening treatments, both in treatment time, and number of sessions. Treatments are typically:

    • under 10 minutes internally
    • anywhere from 6-10 minutes externally
    • requires only 3 sessions


“The EmFemme treatment was AMAZING! It made sex more pleasurable for me because there is more lubrication, and my husband asked what I was doing differently!”   – Miranda S.


What can I expect during the procedure?

The Emfemme 360 procedure is pain-free and actually works to tackle any pre-existing pain in the treatment area. Patients report a slight warming feeling in the treatment area, but no discomfort.

Is this an in-office treatment?

Yes! This is an office treatment, not a surgery. Historically, reduction of the labia has been a surgical procedure called labiaplasty. You can learn more about this surgical procedure from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons by clicking here. This can be painful and require weeks of down-time, but the EmFemme 360 is a quick, in office treament.

Does Emfemme 360 enhance sexual wellness?

Emfemme 360 works as a vaginal tightening treatment in Mansfield by increasing blood flow to the vagina and clitoris, which can increase sensitivity and enhance your orgasm. The treatment also tightens the vaginal canal and improves dryness, helping to rejuvenate your sex life for years to come!

What is the difference between MonaLisa Touch and Emfemme 360?

MonaLisa Touch is a carbon dioxide, fractional laser that makes hundreds of tiny laser holes (similar to microneedling) and adds some heat to stimulate the vaginal and vulvar skin to remodel. This process creates new collagen and elastin as it heals. This helps to make the area more pliable and stretchy. Because it now has better blood flow, the canal can become lubricated resulting in less pain with sex.

Emfemme 360 uses radiofrequency energy to help the skin of the vagina become “plumped” and feel tighter, while the vulvar tissues, or labia, shrink for less pulling and tugging of the skin. It also improves the cosmetic appearance of the labia.

What should I expect?

  1. Consultation: It is incredibly important to us to create a customized, comprehensive treatment plan that is unique to your concerns and desired results. Our consultations allow us to get to know you and learn the best approach for your treatment.
  2. Treatment: Your provider uses the Emfemme 360 device to deliver safe and specialized radiofrequency to the treatment area. This induces the body’s natural healing process and triggers an increase in cell regeneration and collagen production.  While this creates reduction and lift of the labia, the vagina becomes tighter.
  3. Results: Emfemme 360 combats incontinence and vaginal dryness. Results also include tighter vaginal canals, increased sensitivity, enhanced orgasm, and a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance overall!

How do I get started?

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