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MonaLisa Touch – Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Millions of women, many here in Mansfield, experience changes to their gynecologic health that as a consequence affect their personal lives. Whether it’s age, childbirth or other life events, your body changes and you might not feel quite like your old self.

Our MonaLisa Touch® uses fractional carbon dioxide laser technology to create intentional micro injury both vaginally and at the vaginal opening. By creating this purposeful injury to the tissue this engages the body’s natural healing process thus increasing collagen and elastinimproving blood flow, tissue pliability and lubrication, all without the use of hormones. This treatment leads to reduced vaginal dryness and reduced pain with sex. Some patients also experience less urinary urgency. 

  • Thousands of women have chosen MonaLisa Touch since 2012
  • Fast: <15 minute (internally and externally) in-office procedure
  • Non-hormonal, chemical-free
  • Virtually no downtime

“I went through chemo, which as you can imagine, messed with my body. My biggest issue was skin atrophy, so I would get little papercut like tears, especially after sex. MonaLisa Touch was amazing! It literally had me feeling like my old self, even before chemo. I have less tearing and as a bonus it also helped with some of the itching I had experienced.”   – PWH Patient, Hillary


What can I expect before the procedure?

We will schedule a consultation with one of our practitioners to determine your eligibility, discuss your concerns and show you how the procedure works.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Patients can return to normal activities but should refrain from sexual activity for 2-3 days. Your Practitioner will determine a post-procedure regimen that is right for you.

How many times do I need to do this to see results?

You should experience changes immediately. We typically schedule 3 sessions, 6 weeks apart for optimal results, but sometimes this varies, and you and your practitioner will determine your treatment at the consultation appointment.

How does it work?

MonaLisa Touch uses fractional laser technology to create, small intentional micro-columns of injury to the tissue. This leaves an ecosystem of healthy unaffected tissue to support rapid healing, producing more collagen and elastin. For more detailed information on the machine, click here.

Where can I have this done?

Laser sessions are conveniently performed right here in our office during a routine outpatient appointment. Procedures take less than 15 minutes for internal and external vaginal rejuvenation.

How long will it last?

Everyone is unique and our skin ages pre and post-procedure. You and your practitioner will discuss your needs, expectations and results as your treatment progresses.

You deserve to feel like yourself again. Ask us today if MonaLisa Touch is right for you! Call us at the office or email