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You have probably seen all the expansions we have made to our services! For the last couple years, Dr. Kollar and Magen, NP have been hard at work seeing our regular OBGYN patients, going to clinical training, learning all the ins and outs of our aesthetic machines capabilities, deep diving into hormone replacement therapy, supplements, peptides, and deciding what is best to offer in our Wellness Program.

Over the last few months, we started bringing in patients that have been on our Wellness Program’s waitlist. We’re excited to now offer our Wellness Program to all our established (and new!) patients.

If you have been into the office in the last 12 months, we can fast track you a bit by ordering your labs ahead of your consultation.

Who benefits from our Wellness Program?

Everyone! Our first goal is to understand any concerns you have about your body. Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Maybe you just feel exhausted all the time or your sex drive has dried up. All these are concerns we can address with our Wellness Program. Our bodies change as we age, give birth or our stress levels fluctuate. All of these concerns can be addressed with the Wellness Program. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you may not be qualified to start the program until you are finished with that stage of life.

What does the Wellness Program look like?

All patients start with a consultation. If you are an established patient that has visited our office in the last 12 months, our providers can order labs before your consultation. If you are new or haven’t been seen in a while, we will need to order labs once you are at the consultation.At this appointment, Magen will go over your goals, lifestyle and overall well being so she can develop a program that is specifically tailored to you. If your labs have been complete, those will also be an important topic of discussion.

What does the Program offer?

Well, it’s going to depend on what your goals are, and what plan you and Magen design. There are so many options that will be mixed and matched to your specific plan:

        • Nutrition Counseling: This is often paired with patients who wish to achieve weight loss or muscle gain. Typically 3-4 sessions (again, depending on your plan.) This is most often covered by insurance.
        • Supplements: We have an array of options for you. Most clients will need supplements of some kind (of course depending on what their lab reveals) and we have partnered with a pharmacy that supplies us with medical-grade supplements. More information about our supplements and online ordering is available from our website. Click for MORE INFORMATION or ORDERING.
        • Semaglutide, Peptides: These are prescriptions available to our patients.
        • Aesthetics: This is where a lot of the fun begins! Clients that have participated in our Wellness Program automatically receive 15% off any of our Aesthetic Services, and we have options that range from permeant fat reduction to laser hair removal.


      ICON LASER: for facials, scarring, stretch marks, skin resurfacing, hair removal and more

      EMSELLA: for incontinence and sexual health

      EMFEMME and MONA LISA TOUCH: for incontinence, sexual health, vaginal tightening, vaginal aesthetic and rejuvination

      EMSCULPT NEO: for fat reduction and muscle building

      SCULPSURE: for fat reduction

      EMFACE: for non invasive face lift

      POTENZA: for skin tightening, lifting, wrinkle reduction, skin texture improvement

      EMTONE: for cellulite reduction

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